Retailer Benefits

You’re already a successful ecommerce operator so why sign up to Korda24? Well, simply because joining allows you to harness the full power of Korda’s multimedia marketing, to drive customers to your existing ecommerce site. What’s more – you don’t have to change a thing on your site to link with Korda24.

We can now link from social media, straight to content on Korda24, meaning that our customers can shop the items that they’ve seen on TV (or any of our other marketing platforms) easier than ever, while watching the action unfold in the comfort of their living room, or even on the bank. When shows air on ITV, Sky or online, our team will provide links directly to tailored content that showcases the tackle used in those productions. When viewers follow the links, they can buy with confidence and ease from your ecommerce site.

For the first time, there is a direct link between Korda’s 24-hour-a-day marketing efforts and your sales. We’re making sales for you while you’re at home and, at the same time, providing our customers with genuinely valuable content to enhance their angling – something that Danny Fairbrass has built Korda’s reputation on.